She's in the doghouse now

We arrived in Arizona yesterday with enough time left until sunset to stop at one of the parks Roo likes. She didn't seem to recognize the area as we drew near, but when I remembered to open the vent (I couldn't leave the window open, the wind was deadly) she got a whiff of what was going on and got to her feet. When we closed in on the park, she put her paw on my thigh, her way of saying, "Hunting!" 

The picture is of what may be a solution for Rooki needing a den when we travel. I bought her a bed and put it under the motel desk and draped the bedspread over the top. That limits the lights and shadows that disturb her so much and might muffle sounds a bit. This system will be repeatable just about anywhere. It took a little doing with turkey to get her to chance going in, but as soon as she did, she went straight to sleep. She seems to prefer it with an opening in it. There's plenty of room for her to move over to a darker spot if that’s what she wants.

*          *          *

Those of you who haven't seen the Roo Dreaming video should check it out. It has the lowest view count of any Roo video, yet it's the best one.