Update and Contest Announcement

The only thing Roo likes about LA: Pork neck bones from Mexican  carnicerias .

The only thing Roo likes about LA: Pork neck bones from Mexican carnicerias.

I remember as if it were yesterday the days when Roo thought I was fun. A daddy who could be counted on to take her for daily hikes and swims.

Now she thinks I'm just a filth-covered maniac who plows around in a hangar making loud noises all day. She is not enjoying the packing and moving vibe. Hopefully it'll be done today and loaded on the truck tomorrow.

There's something about that hangar that the Kahoo doesn't like. She prefers to wait in the car - all day. She's doing well and not acting impatient. Any of you who've read Notes From a Dog Rescue in Progress I think she had to lear lots of patience when she was a puppy, and that lesson has stuck. Any reminder of what her puppyhood must have been like is a little heartbreaking.

We start driving to North Carolina tomorrow. Not that we have anywhere to go or put my stuff once we get there, but we’ll figure that out in Part Three.

I’m looking forward to getting some kind of life back. Especially getting situated so that I can set up a desk, stop wasting so much time traveling and figuring out where to stay every night and get back to work writing and blogging.


In preparation for that, here’s a new contest. Ten winners, split into two categories, will get paw printed and signed copies of Roo’s book. This will give us something to watch as we barrel back across the United States yet again, and get things started for when we get back to running full tilt.

  1. Facebook likes. The top five people who get their friends to like TDITC facebook page will each receive a copy. You have to keep track and winners will be awarded on the honor system.
  2. Subscriptions. Get your friends to subscribe to The Dog Calling. Top five subscription referrers get copies. Same honor system, just keep track, and send me an email with the list of subscribers you referred at the end, and Roo will personally verify the tally.

Contest ends on April 30th.

Okay…. Wish us luck. This moving deal ain’t done by a long shot.

The part I’m most looking forward to is getting someplace where Roo will finally be able to splash in clear water. I think about it all day, though not as much as I think she does.